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The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ lists around 3,000 endangered mammal species. Although the individual reasons that these animals are threatened are many and varied, from the destruction of habitat and illegal hunting through to global warming, there exists a more fundamental problem - that of the on-going conflict between animals and people sharing the same pieces of land.

Animals on the Edge is a not-for-profit program of Living Earth, conceived by conservationist and film maker, Leo Grillo, and wildlife photographer, Chris Weston. Their goal is to conserve and protect wildlife by bringing together local communities and decision makers, and proposing economy-based solutions that provide people with a financial and social incentive to conserve wildlife.

The Animals on the Edge program began in 2008 with co-founder Chris Weston beginning a series of discovery assignments with the aim of exposing the route causes of the problems facing threatened wildlife and identifying probable solutions for future implementation. At the same time, Weston has been photographing some of the world's most endangered species for the book Animals on the Edge - Reporting from the Frontline of Extinction that is due for puplication in Autumn 2009.

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Our work saves wildlife by helping animals and people to co-exist. With our knowledge and experience, we are in a unique position to make a lasting difference. But we can't do it alone. Help us and together we can - and will - make a difference.

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16th May 2011

Watching the last series of Lion Country really brought home the threats that are currently facing lions in Africa. The…

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16th May 2011

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A new solution to old prejudices?

4th May 2011

Around 12 wolves, thought to have relocated from Italy, have been seen in Cadi-Moixero National Park in Catalonia, north-eastern Spain…

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The Animals on the Edge Forum on Facebook is a community space that enables concerned people, photographers and donors to voice their opinions, share thoughts and ideas, and keep in touch with all the latest news.

Featured Project

Aliso Canyon, birthplace of the Santa Clara River.

California: Santa Clara river project

The Santa Clara river is one of America’s ten most endangered rivers, an archaeologically important natural landmark that provides habitat to many rare and endangered species of wildlife and plant life.

To monetize every inch of their holdings, housing developers in Valencia have already re-channeled sections of the Santa Clara river by placing it in a parabolic choke of concrete. This slaughterous action has resulted in an unnatural increase in water flow, mutilation of this vital water source and habitat destruction…

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